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My Paleo Diet – Intro

My Paleo Diet – Intro Some of you may know that moths ago I embarked on a Paleo diet. A Paleo diet stands for Paleolithic diet and intends to mimic the diet of our ancestors. In the upcoming weeks I will be posting some of my recipes as well as some additional resources or those interested in committing to this kind of diet program. So what exactly is the paleo diet? Basically it means the diet from...
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E&E Pre-Workout Review

E&E Pre-Workout Review I have experimented several brands of pre-workout supplements in the past. If you guys know me well enough, you know that I only like to give my absolute honest opinion about supplements, whether they are Beachbody’s or not. I have to tell you that I am really digging this new pre-workout supplement from Beachbody. I’ve tried several and Jack3d was one of my favorites....
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Rocking Body on Sale for $19.95!

Rocking Body on Sale for $19.95! This is incredible, guys. Years ago Beachbody put out an awesome dance-workout routine called Rockin Body from Shau T. Guess what? It is on sale now for only $19.95. get yours today if you are in the mood for burning some calories while dancing, or simply lerning some moves for the dance floor. $19.95 Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend on Facebook share via Reddit...
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Shakeology Cost

Shakeology Cost First time I heard about Shakeology, I was really skeptical because there was just something about paying $4 a serving that brought butterflies to my stomach. However, having experienced all benefits it provides, not to mention the actual SAVINGS from not having to spend time figuring out how to supplement my nutrition or replace a meal, there is no doubt in my mind that Shakeology...
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Six Tips on Fat Burners

Six Tips on Fat Burners I’ve never considered taking a fat burner, but many of my clients have taken it with great success. Will they give you a flat abdominal area? Oh please… There are NO miracle pills! There…I said it! With that said; however, I must also say that fat burner can be effective especially when powering your sluggish workouts, much like a pre-workout supplement.   Here are some...
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Diet Soda

Diet Soda One of the hardest aspects of my transformation was getting rid of diet soda. The reality is plain and simple: soda is bad for you whether it is regular or diet. I still can’t understand why people still go on drinking regular soda. You should never DRINK your calories, unless you are supplementing your diet with whey, a fruit smoothie made with natural yogurt, Shakeology or...
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Results and Recovery Formula

Results and Recovery Formula If you had an opportunity to look at my 1800 calorie diet plan under “TIPS”, one of the things that you noticed is that I did not incorporate the Results and Recovery Formula in the beginning. The reason I didn’t do it was because well, first, I didn’t know it even existed. I remember Tony mentioning it in the video but never really put two and two...
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Work Out on an Empty Stomach –...

Work Out on an Empty Stomach – Good or Bad? Years ago, more like almost 10 years ago during my “I’m so out of shape/complete denial” years, I remember reading a book called Body for Life from Bill Phillips. It mentioned that in order to burn fat more effectively. If you read my post on learning from failure, you know that in the past I really struggled in getting committed to an exercise program. I think one of the...
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Injuries No one likes to be injured But you know what? It might just happen to you. First, let’s get things straight. Soreness is not an injury. Soreness are results of micro tears on your muscles, lactic acid build up but they are not, generally speaking a unique sign of injury. When working out, Tony’s motto is Do you best and forget the rest. I really trust the man after so many...
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P90X2-X2 Yoga Preview

P90X2-X2 Yoga Preview Hey team, here is the preview for one of the P90X2 workouts, X2 Yoga. Here is what the description is on YouTube pulled out straight from Beachbody’s YouTube Account: Yoga’s traditional benefits of relaxing the body and restoring the mind are present but will take a back seat to increasing isometric power, improving your range of motion, and building vital stabilizer muscle...
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Foods That Can Fool You

Foods That Can Fool You Hey team, this is an interesting article by Dennis Fayer, a columnist for Beachbody and he has some interesting insight on nutrition so I though about sharing it with you all. “During my 1970s childhood in South Dakota, my mom used to order something called the “Diet Plate.” Common in most Sioux Falls-area and greater-Minnesota region restaurants, it consisted of...
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Order P90X2 NOW!!!

Order P90X2 NOW!!! IT IS FINALLY HERE!!!   P90X2 Base Kit   P90X2 Deluxe Kit   P90X2 Ultimate Kit   Order what is going to be the MOTHER of all workouts …..  Order now!!!  ……. Pre-orders are OPEN!!  ……. It’s X2 time!  The links are up on Teambeachbody so don’t waste any time and order your copy today! NOTE = when you check out, the total will say $0.00. ...
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Chin up Max Review and Tips

Chin up Max Review and Tips Chin ups are an integral part of my workout routine. They are a fantastic tool to strengthen your back and upper body. When I began P90X I could barely do two or three pull-ups; however, that did not prevent me from doing my best and push play every day in order to improve my form and rep count. I can now do a workout like P90X One on One – Upper Body Massacre consisting of...
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Shakeology Tropical – More Det...

Shakeology Tropical – More Details I posted in June that Beachbody was releasing a new flavor for Shakeology called  “Tropical” that I am really looking forward to. It is supposed to be available at the end of the year and it will have 130 calories versus 140 calories contained in the other two flavors (greenberry and chocolate). It looks very promising and they added some new ingredients such as Coconut Nectar...
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P90X2 P.A.P Lower Preview

P90X2 P.A.P Lower Preview Beachbody is releasing some videos about the upcoming P90X2 workouts and they look unbelievably cool. Here is the video description: PAP stands for Post-Activation Potentiation but all you really need to know is that it’s the cutting edge technique that translates into performance. Two four-round complexes of seemingly straightforward movements don’t look like much on paper but...
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P90X2 Pre Order September 1st!

P90X2 Pre Order September 1st! P90X2 is coming out. If you watched my video about the new P90X2, chances are you are just as excited as I am about its release this year. Here is a tweet from Carl Daikeler, BEachbody’s CEO: This is amazing. I watched the webcast of Tony and to say that P90X2 is revolutionary is an understatement. It is going to be incredible. If you are contemplating buying P90X2 or...
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Positive Attitude is EVERYTHING!

Positive Attitude is EVERYTHING! Do you feel you are surrounded by naysayers? There are so many people out there constantly trying to put you down that if you are not careful enough you end up dragged down with everybody else. I know, it is tough. We are surrounded by people and not everyone is on the same page. Worse…not everyone is on the same book! Looking back now at my transformation and what I’ve...
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Alright Ladies, Let’s gain som...

Alright Ladies, Let’s gain some MUSCLES! I recently wrote an article about the importance of weight training and how women are genetically not predisposed to gain mass, so today I wanted to talk about the other side of the spectrum…what if you are a female who wants to gain mass naturally? Guys tend to think that deadlifts and other exercises of this nature are only reserved to men. In fact, many women feel exactly the...
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P90X2 Preview and Ordering Info

P90X2 Preview and Ordering Info Beachbody unveiled more details about the upcoming P90X2 today at a webconference I attended. The pre-order is still scheduled for September 1st for teambeachbody and September 6th for Beachbody customers. I made a video review summarizing all details from Tony Horton and Steve Edwards. These are some of the highlights: Pre-Order is available exclusively through your coach (ME)...
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10 Reasons Women MUST Lift Weights

10 Reasons Women MUST Lift Weights Please don’t get me wrong ladies, but the idea of “getting toned” deserves dome clarification. I’d like to start by saying that getting toned basically means putting in muscle. A lot of women are reluctant about lifting weight at the fear of becoming too muscular. Let me reassure you that it is NOT going to happen. In fact, some studies suggest that only one...
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Portion Control

Portion Control Alright, sometimes I feel like I’ve been hitting the same key over and over when I say that you NEED TO TRACK YOUR CALORIES. Remember when Tony in the original P90X says: “Write everything down. How do you know what to do if you don’t know what you did?” Well, let me tell that the same principles also apply to your nutrition as well. I encourage you to watch my video on...
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Master of Your OWN Universe

Master of Your OWN Universe Today I was watching HE-MAN, the original series, with my kids and although they are much too young to appreciate the beauty and silliness of 80s cartoons, it was fun enough to get a few giggles, especially at Skeletor’s diabolical laugh which my three-year old which kept the whole day trying to imitate him. This post, however, is NOT about He-Man, it is NOT intended to be...
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Six Pack Bag Review

Six Pack Bag Review Every once in a while I encounter a unique product that I just HAVE to share with you guys. This time is the SIX PACK BAG. This is an unbelievable bag system which multiple compartments, sealed with tons of partition for you to store pretty much every single thing you’ll need for the entire day. It is very well built and adjustable drawers make it very easy for you to...
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Veggies Make Over

Veggies Make Over I’ve been trying to incorporate a more plant-based diet but as most of you meat eaters out there can image, it is not an easy task. Mostlt because growing up in Brazil,even though we ate a lot of vegetables compared to US standards, my family was never too big at it. In fact, a “salad” in my house used to be letuce and tomato despite the immense variety of plants...
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Is whey Protein Really Necessary?

Is whey Protein Really Necessary? Whey protein, Shakeology, Results/Recovery Formula, Omega-3 and a high quality multivitamin are absolute essentials in my pantry. Whey protein is not a requirement to lose weight and gain lean mass; however, I find it impractical, especially for larger individuals consuming 1.5g of protein per pound of body mass to reach their desired daily protein intake. Generally speaking, if...
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Shakeology Tropical

Shakeology Tropical As many of you know, I can’t help it with my enthusiasm over Shakeology, simply because there is nothing like it out there that equates flavor and nutritional value. I am a HUGE fan of Shakeology and have several family members and friends who got fantastic results using it as a meal replacement At home, since we have achieved our target weights, we continue it for the...
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Omega-3 Supplementation

Omega-3 Supplementation Omega-3 used to be one of the most under looked supplements in the market. Thankfully, people are becoming more aware of its benefits which are pretty amazing. In fact, not a day goes by that I don’t take my omega-3 supplement. Here is a short list of benefits: Help with pain and inflammation. This is fantastic if you are weight lifting or doing any kind of resistance training....
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Balance Balance is everywhere and something we have to constantly pay attention. It is very easy to go extreme on one side and neglect another part of your life. I say that from personal experience so I thought I could share with you guys some of the things I’ve learned. You see, when I started exercising, and especially after I began getting good results, I found it hard to hide the...
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Soda Detox!

Soda Detox! I was addicted to diet soda for many years. Growing up we only drank regular soda which is even worse. Interestingly enough I was a fit teenager but the difference was that back then I practiced sports on a regular basis and drank soda only moderately with my meals, mostly a 6-8oz glass. In the US, the average American drinks 46 gallons a year and it is a multi-million dollar...
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Asylum Diet

Asylum Diet One of the most interesting aspects about Asylum is how different the nutritional approach is from other programs. There aren’t many recipes and according to the nutritional guide I should be eating 1500 calories a day since I currently weigh 147. I found this number to be very small from what I am used to despite my low weight. However, when I started Asylum I decided to do...
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Shortcuts People want to get a quick fix and solve their weight loss battle overnight. Well, I have news for you, it doesn’t work that way. If you have been living a sedentary life for months, years, maybe even decades combined with poor eating habits, it can take a while to jump start your engine, much like an old car sitting for years in the garage. People want to solve things overnight...
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Cheat Meals – The good, The Ba...

Cheat Meals – The good, The Bad & The Ugly I have entered my second year with P90X and other Beachbody programs in March and one of the questions I get asked more often is whether it is okay to have a cheat meal. This is a tough question and one that deserves a lot of attention because what works for me may not work for you since each individual is different. You see, when I started my transformation I did not allow any...
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Sugar Addiction

Sugar Addiction Soda, ice cream, hamburgers, French fries, milk chocolate…we all have our own “kryptonite” and it is tough to fight our weaknesses sometimes. When I started my transformation, one of the hardest things for me was giving up ice cream and pizza. Availability and price were two things that made quitting incredibly hard. Back home in Brazil I rarely had ice cream. Mostly in the...
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Site Updates

Site Updates Hi guys, You probably noticed that I was out for a few weeks. I still managed to answer emails but my YouTube Channel and blog haven’t been updated recently because I got sick and it took me a while to get back on track with things at work plus life getting in the way at home with a thousand and one other things to catch up. Just a quick FYI to let everyone know that I am back,...
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Beachbody Shakeology

Beachbody Shakeology I can’t help but share my enthusiasm with you guys about Shakeology because it is something that completely changed my life. For nearly a year now I have been using Shakeology as a meal replacement and I’ve never felt so convinced about a product until I began incorporating it in my diet. In all honesty, in the beginning I was very skeptical about trying it because I was a bit...
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Eat Healthy on a Budget

Eat Healthy on a Budget A lot of people ask me whether it is possible to eat healthy and stay within a certain budget. While it is true that generally speaking eating healthy tends to be more expensive than eating poorly, after a long period of trial and error, I’ve nailed the nutritional aspect of P90X and other programs and it made them work around my taste and budget. It is not that complicated....
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Working Out Sick

Working Out Sick People who exercise on a regular basis in general tend to catch fewer colds than their sedentary counterparts, research suggests. While working out may help fend off viruses, even the most dedicated P90Xers may come down with a bug at some point. After nearly 15 months without getting sick, I got hit pretty hard with a nasty bug which knocked me out cold. I got so dehydrated that I...
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Switching Coaches

Switching Coaches After 40 plus videos uploaded on my YouTube Channel, over a 100 posts on nutrition, workouts and inspiration, most people already realize I am serious about coaching. I am extremely proud of all individuals I’ve helped reach their goals and honored to be able to pay back and assist others in regaining their health and getting the most out of their workout and nutrition. Recently,...
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Coconut Oil – The Best Oil

Coconut Oil – The Best Oil Coconut oil is absolutely without any hesitation, the number one oil I use at home. It is so versatile that we even use it for hair and skin care. Why has coconut oil lost its popularity in the US? The answer is simple: economics. The supply of coconut oil the US used to receive from the Pacific  was cut out during World War II so Americans began to look for alternative...
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Whey Protein – You MUST read t...

Whey Protein – You MUST read this!!! Whey protein is an AMAZING supplement. In fact, it is a staple in my diet which I consume at least twice a day on a regular basis. As a matter of fact, a recent study from the journal of Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise demonstrated how consuming whey protein before resistance training can boost your metabolism for as long as 24 houras after working out. How incredible...
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Avocados in Your Diet

Avocados in Your Diet It came to me as a HUGE surprise to find out that Shaun T eats avocados in almost every single meal. Avocados are not super popular in the US but their popularity is gradually growing thanks to the culinary influence of Hispanics in the country. Avocados grow in Mediterranean climate but also in South America, India, China and South Africa where the temperature never goes below...
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Why do I gain weight while exercisin...

Why do I gain weight while exercising? This is something I get asked frequently, believe it or not. I always go through the whole explanation about muscle density, fat percentages and whatnots only to find out that people are still confused/frustrated with their results. I found a pretty interesting post on the subject by Charlene Johnson, created or Turbo Fire and Chalean Extreme. Here is what she says: “Probably the...
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Milk Substitutes

Milk Substitutes Some of you may know already that I started Asylum this week and it was an eye opening experience. As Shaun T says: “You can’t practice everyday. Sometimes you have to perform.” Asylum is just that. It is performing like it is game day. Besides this innovative approach, Asylum has a different outlook at dieting. I will have a separate post about it, but in the...
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Insanity Asylum – Speed and Ag...

Insanity Asylum – Speed and Agility Demo Hi guys, Just letting everybody know that I got started with Insanity Asylum yesterday after doing the Performance Assessment on Sunday. It was a blast and I am really digging the workouts. My first workout, the one in the video below is called Speed and Agility and I pretty much managed to keep up with everybody in the video but it was intense. If you do at your peak, you will...
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Time…Not an Excuse!

Time…Not an Excuse! It is probably the number one excuse I hear from people: “I have no time at all to exercise.” I totally understand that there are times where life gets in the way but it still boils down to prioritizing what is important to you. How come there are people just as busy if not busier than you who can fit their exercise into their daily schedule? Well, let’s start with the word...
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Beyond Your Comfort Zone

Beyond Your Comfort Zone Are you convinced that you can’t ever run a marathon or complete P90X or do Insanity or dive into Asylum? STOP IT! You need to stop right now creating these false boundaries. More and more studies suggest that the thing you THINK you can’t do often turns out to be the thing you MUST do in order to bring your fitness to a new level. Breaking away from these false limitations you...
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More on Asylum

More on Asylum Alright guys, sorry I can’t help it if it is about Insanity Asylum again but I just wanted to let everybody know that I made another video about it. I feel like I’m 6 years old waiting for Santa. The anticipation was killing me so I got in touch with other coaches and after reading extensively through what people who previewed the videos had to say, especially Steve...
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Asylum Official Commercial

Asylum Official Commercial Guess what, gang? Asylum is READY TO BE SHIPPED OUT and YOU CAN ORDER IT NOW and be one the FIRST ONES to receive it!  They won’t ship until next week (around April 11th), but you can get your order in NOW!!!  Man, am I psyched about this! I’ve been waiting for something to supplement my Insanity workouts for a while and this is that and much more! It will take my...
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Fighting Cravings

Fighting Cravings A lot of people underestimate the importance of the diet component in your exercise program. Cheat meals can set you back as much as two to three days on your progress so you need to learn how to control your cravings. That’s right. Controlling your cravings is very important because we very rarely tend to crave a bowl of broccoli. Our minds our hard-wired for survival and...
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Order ASYLUM Today!!!

Order ASYLUM Today!!! INSANITY: THE ASYLUM Base Kit Guess what gang? Asylum is READY TO BE SHIPPED OUT and YOU CAN ORDER IT NOW and be one the FIRST ONES to receive it!  They won’t ship until next week (around April 11th), but you can get your order in NOW!!!  Man, am I psyched about this! **During the ordering process, you will have the option to upgrade to the deluxe kit which includes pull-up...
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It is Never Too Late

It is Never Too Late I get a lot of emails from folks asking me for an alternative program to P90X because they are too old to do it. First of all, you can never be too old to exercise. I think that the most important deciding factor before you start P90X or any other exercise program is your existing health. We need to listen to our body and even consult a doctor before starting an exercise program...
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Insanity Asylum: Strength

Insanity Asylum: Strength Hey gang, Just a quick review from the Insanity Asylum workout named STRENGTH. I haven’t tried it myself since it hasn’t been released yet but Steve Edwards, who is an insider blogger for Beachbody gives us some ideas what to expect. I’m super excited about it and look forward to getting started with the Asylum Challenge once it comes out. If you don’t know...
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Fitness Patience is a Virtue

Fitness Patience is a Virtue When I got started exercising I could barely do pull-ups. I struggled through those videos everyday but kept pushing play despite feeling very discouraged. I was frustrated for a number of reasons, especially for letting myself go for so long. I kept blaming myself for having those DVDs gathering dust for years and all the junk that I ate which ultimately led to high cholesterol in...
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P90X – Nutrition on a budget!!...

P90X – Nutrition on a budget!!! I used to think that eating healthy was very expensive and it turned out not as expensive as I thought. Obviously, junk food is cheaper. As a matter of fact, one hamburger patty from Mac Donald’s cost less than an equivalent sized portion of dog food. A store-bought large pizza for $6.50 is an incredible deal but a horrible nutritious choice. This is one of my personal favorite...
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My Favorite Bible Fitness Quotes

My Favorite Bible Fitness Quotes I am a firm believer that spirituality is important no matter what your religious background is so I would like to share with you some of my favorite bible quotes that I live by in terms of my physical fitness. 1 Corinthians 6:19-20 Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you, whom you have from God? You are not your own, for you were bought with a...
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Hey Ladies, Let’s End Fat Talk...

Hey Ladies, Let’s End Fat Talk! One of the most disconcerting things in our society today is how much emphasis is placed on the word “fat” and looks overall. This is a phenomenon I see primarily with women who are overly concerned about their appearance, about how they look on certain clothes or whether they feel fat in a certain jeans. It is crazy how many times I hear things like that from family members...
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Are Your Friends Getting You Fat?

Are Your Friends Getting You Fat? I don’t have the time to socialize as much as I did in the past, mainly because I have two teaching positions, my Beachbody coaching and of course, my beautiful family. So although I am no longer “hitting the night scene” like back in the day, I still engage in several gatherings with family and occasionally with friends. One day it was almost like a revelation because I came...
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Website Updates Coming Up…

Website Updates Coming Up… Hi everyone, Sorry for the delay in posting new articles on the site. I had an issue with WordPress which is the blog engine I use and I was unable to log in for several days. I’ll get some new articles for you guys tomorrow, including my current supplements. In the meantime, if you need to contact me, feel free to post any questions below or just shoot me an email to...
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P90X:MC2 Preview Part 7!

P90X:MC2 Preview Part 7! As you know, P90X2 and Insanity asylum are coming out this year. This is a major breakthrough and a huge year for Beachbody and many of us who love their videos. Insanity Asylum is almost here. Unfortunately we need to wait a little longer before we can get out hands on the new P90X. If you have been following my blog entries from Steve Edwards, this is his last blog entry  on the...
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Listen to music to lose weight

Listen to music to lose weight In a British study, researchers asked healthy college students to ride stationary bikes while listening to music. Most songs were popular among people of that age group.  Scientists then change the tempo of the songs and observed how it affected their performance. According to the findings, the slower tempo made them “enjoy” the exercises more, like they could take their time...
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Asylum Challenge!

Asylum Challenge! Are you ready to train like a PRO? As you know, Asylum is HERE and ready to be shipped out. This thing is a MONSTER. There is resistance training, cardio, insane moves (no pun intended), it is going to be awesome! We all need some accountability and here is a great opportunity to show you have what it takes because beRIPPED4life will be running an Insanity Asylum Challenge and a...
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Insanity Asylum Major Update!

Insanity Asylum Major Update! Many of you know already that Insanity Asylum is coming out in April. It is going to be perhaps the hardest, most intense cardio-based workout series from Beachbody. If you thought Shaun T’s Insanity was challenging, just wait until you see what Shaun T has planned. The six DVD set is a serious program and it offers unique challenges even for experienced Insanity graduates. First...
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Bowflex 3 Day Sale!

Bowflex 3 Day Sale! Hi guys. Just found out that the Selecttech Dumbbells from Bowflex are on sale. These are awesome. The sale is for three days only! The 552 dumbbells are now 40% off (which makes the set $239 plus tax).  FREE SHIPPING!! I really like using them. I’ve had them for a while and use them every other day and they still work just as well as in day one. Definitely worth the...
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P90X on Capitol Hill

P90X on Capitol Hill It’s not just budgets that are getting cut on Capitol Hill. In a rare act of bipartisanship, Congress members from both sides of the aisle are Bringing It with P90X. Tony Horton recently made the front page of The Wall Street Journal with the story. Read more in the original article HERE Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend on Facebook share via Reddit Share with...
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Shakeology Ingredient List

Shakeology Ingredient List I am a HUGE fan of Shakeology. It is an integral part of my nutrition and continues to be my number one recommended supplement. I am such a Shakeology enthusiast because it has 70+ ingredients, selected from around the world, grown in very fertile soils of remote regions of the planet. It provides my body with a nutritional blend of super foods I can’t get anywhere else. So...
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How Hard is P90X?

How Hard is P90X? P90X is one of the hardest workout programs put on DVD. It is challenging but you definitely feel like you did your workout. It is one of those programs that it doesn’t matter how many times you’ve done it. It is so customizable that you can make it work for you regardless of your fitness level. You see, there are a lot of programs out there that try hard to be edgy, trendy and...
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Cheating on Your Anniversary

Cheating on Your Anniversary I have been very careful about my salt intake because many people of my family suffer from high blood pressure and I am not planning on getting on any kind of prescription until I am at least in my 90’s (we’ll see). So today it was our wedding anniversary and Martha and I decided to go to go out to eat. Unfortunately since most local restaurants were overbooked because...
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Salt…Be Careful!

Salt…Be Careful! Salt can be very dangerous for you and may actually hinder your weight loss. This an excellent article about table salt which sheds some light on the topic by covering various aspects like processed meats, TV dinners, soups and goes over different ways of lowering salt in your diet without losing flavor. My personal favorite seasoning is Mrs Dash Salt Free. It contains garlic,...
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Helping Others

Helping Others Ever since I lived in Brazil, I enjoyed volunteer work. My first major volunteer opportunity came as a Dutch instructor for a church. It was a great experience but also, I must say, a little bit odd because I was teaching a large group of Sisters whose “Madre Superiora”, basically the head of the Sisterhood, was located in Holland and I was asked to teach them Dutch in...
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P90X2 Equipment

P90X2 Equipment The new P90X will definitely use extra equipment. Some of you might be disappointed with the idea, but I am personally really excited about it. I think there is a clear difference between gadgets and equipment and Beachbody knows that and is also aware that one of the reasons P90X was such a big hit was because it was and still is a fantastic program where the average Joe (or Jane)...
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Believe in Yourself

Believe in Yourself Let me start this post by going straight to the point: if you don’t believe in yourself, no one else will. It won’t matter how many emails you send me, how many programs you purchase, if you don’t have faith in yourself, there is absolutely no way you are going to move forward be it with your fitness, personal or financial goals. A few weeks ago I wrote a detailed post about...
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30 Shakeology Recipes

30 Shakeology Recipes I must give credit for Beachbody for compiling this awesome list of Shakeology recipes and separate them according to the number of calories which is fantastic because it gives you an opportunity to choose a recipe according to your goals. Initially, I started Shakeology as a meal replacement which made absolute sense because I was saving a ton of money by substituting a whole meal...
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Facebook!   For some reason, the majority of the time the emails that I send out to the people that I coach go straight into their SPAM folders, and it’s making it hard for me to check up on people to see if they have any questions, concerns, need help with anything, etc. I send out “Weekly Coach Check-In” emails, but I have come to find that nobody is receiving them, so I wanted to...
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Preventing Injuries

Preventing Injuries   At one point in your life you probably pulled a muscle, twisted a foot or had some kind of injury. As a teenager I had several incidents playing sports, none from lifting since prior to arriving in the US, I had never once gone to a gym because I grew up with the mentality that the only people who lift weights were bodybuilders. I can thank my mother for that kind of thinking....
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Helping Japan

Helping Japan I was shocked by the news I received this weekend about Japan. Some of my friends in Brazil are nikkei burajiru-jin, nipo-brasileiro or “Japanese-Brazilians”. In fact, Brazil has the largest Japanese population outside Japan. Our time on Earth is very precious and it just goes to show we should cherrish each moment we have with our friends and family. I understand this...
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Win a pair of Tony Horton’s Po...

Win a pair of Tony Horton’s PowerStands! BeRIPPED4life is offering a NEW DRAWING FOR TONY HORTON’S POWERSTANDS! THIS IS OUR THIRD DRAWING! Starting March 13th 2011 until April 13th 2011 You can earn entries to a contest to win Tony Horton’s PowerStands absolutely FREE! We will draw a name on December 24th to determine who the winner is!  We will have it delivered to you by New Years! Rules for the...
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The Birth of Shakeology

The Birth of Shakeology Darin Olien is the co-creator of Shakeology. In this article he talks about how the idea of this super-functional nutrient-dense shake came from. This is a fun read which sheds light on its origin, the rationale behind “The Healthiest Meal of the Day” and the search for nature’s best ingredients. The Birth of Shakeology By Darin Olien, “The Ingredient...
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Resisting temptations

Resisting temptations Resisting temptations is probably one of the hardest things once you begin your transformation. When you go from thousands of calories to potentially a calorie deficit, making the right food choices can be a shock for your body. Food is so convenient nowadays. As a species, for thousands of years we had to work hard to obtain our food and today, there are fast food restaurants and...
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Weight Loss Plateau

Weight Loss Plateau So you’ve bought your DVDs and you are all excited about starting your program, be it P90X, Insanity, Turbo Fire, Chalean Extreme, you name it. You start your program and things are going great. You are keeping up with your diet, you are doing the workouts and all of a sudden, you stop seeing a weight loss change. A couple of things might be happening. The first thing is that...
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P90X:MC2 Part 6

P90X:MC2 Part 6 BEHIND THE SCENE PICS AT REHEARSALS From Steve Edwards’ blog as he reveals more about the upcoming P90X:MC2 workouts, I mean P90X2. Enjoy! P90X mc2 Rehearsals We just wrapped shooting day 1 of P90x mc2 (name still pending) and it went amazingly well. But there’s no time to relax as we shoot two workouts tomorrow and will have the entire program in the can before the end of...
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There is no P90X:MC2…

There is no P90X:MC2… This is a cool find and I thank my upline coach for the tip. Carl D, the CEO of Beachbody took some footage of the set where they are filming P90X:MC2…WAIT!!! Did I say MC2? It is actually going to be P90X2! If you look at the bottom of the posters of Tony (which by the way looks so ripped I can’t believe the man is 50+ years old) you will see P90X2, which is fine by me. Muscle...
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3 Myths about burning fat

3 Myths about burning fat Is going for a run or doing a whole video of Plyometrics going to burn that Sunday you just ate? I’m not so sure. I wish! It would make my life and the life of people I coach a lot easier. The problem lies in the amount of calories of foods these days. If you’ve read any of the books Eat This Not That, you will be amazed at how many calories hide behind everyday choices. I have...
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6 Simple Rules for Eating Sugar

6 Simple Rules for Eating Sugar Great article by Denis Faye I wanted to share with my team. Few topics boggle the minds of dieters and fitness enthusiasts the way sugar does. Is this simple carbohydrate the key to unlocking elite sports performance? Or is it the chains that drag our country deeper and deeper into the obesity epidemic? Annoyingly, the answer is “both.” But before you throw your hands...
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Stress, Cortisol and Weight Gain

Stress, Cortisol and Weight Gain You probably know that stress affects eating, weight and where fat is distributed in your body. What you might not know is how your cortisol levels can affect your weight gain. What exactly I cortisol? Cortisol is an important hormone in the body, secreted by the adrenal glands and involved in your glucose metabolism, regulating your blood pressure, your insulin release for...
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Stretch Marks Prevention

Stretch Marks Prevention Imagine your skin is like a rubber band. Stretch it too much and it may snap. If you either gain muscle or lose fat too fast, chances are you will develop stretch marks on your body. Contrary to popular belief, it is not something that affects only pregnant women. If you are reading this post, you probably know what they look like – these bright streaks of skin in your body. They...
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Do Energy drinks give you wings?

Do Energy drinks give you wings? People go crazy about caffeine today. America truly has a culture of promoting caffeine. Interestingly enough, growing up in Brazil, there wasn’t a single person I knew who drank coffee because of its caffeine content. In fact, as a child, most people didn’t even know what caffeine was. And if you want to hear something even more bizarre, believe it or not, I have never...
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Why so tired after working out?

Why so tired after working out? First of all, feeling tired is absolutely normal. P90X or any serious exercise program are not magic pills you can take and get results like it is a walk in the park. You need to do the work, you need to push play, and you need to adhere to the diet. I remember that when I started P90X I could barely move after the end of the workout. It was almost nauseating even though I was...
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P90X – 360 Days & Health

P90X – 360 Days & Health I’ve mentioned a few times in my latest posts how P90X has completely changed my health. In the following video, I talk a little bit on the impact it had in my life and how I was able to save hundreds by avoiding costly prescriptions. Committing to exercising, proper nutrition and supplementation has a profound impact that goes beyond the contour of your body. Here is the...
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The Secret

The Secret Last year I wrote a detailed post on motivational tools and also made a YouTube video on a number of steps I took to keep you motivated through your transformation. Today, I wanted to talk about one of the books I read called “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne which I found very inspirational. I am not going to give you a full review of the book but I would like to share with you...
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P90X:MC2 Preview 5

P90X:MC2 Preview 5 MUSCLE CONFUSION TWO From Steve Edwards’ blog as he reveals more about the upcoming P90X:MC2 workouts: This ain’t your granddaddy’s weight training program. It’s too early to explain just what they are, exactly, but one thing that comes to mind consistently while doing the mc(muscle confusion)2 resistance workouts is a line Tony says in the preview to one of the P90X...
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P90X – One Year Later!!!

P90X – One Year Later!!! Hard to believe how time flies, but it has been one year since I COMMITTED to exercising and dieting. Beachbody changed my life. It is amazing what your body can do with the right fuel and stimulus. I haven’t even had a cold for the last 365 days and managed to stay off my cholesterol medicine, not to mention, saved over $300 on prescriptions. In fact, I visited the pharmacy...
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P90X:MC2 – Preview 4

P90X:MC2 – Preview 4 MC2 PLYOCIDE I think this is going to be really good because Plyocide already added a lot of variety and as Tony says: Variety is the spice of life. It should be fast-paced so I think it will be a monster. Haven’t even tried it yet but already wondering how it is going to be with a Medicine Ball. From Steve Edwards’ blog as he reveals more about the upcoming P90X:MC2...
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P90X:MC2 – Preview 3

P90X:MC2 – Preview 3 MC2 CORE From Steve Edwards’ blog as he reveals more about the upcoming P90X:MC2 workouts: I’m not necessarily going to post these workouts in sequence but mc2 Core is going to be the first workout on the schedule. This will remind those who’ve done P90X Lean of opening with Core/Syn but this workout is even more applicable to the journey of this particular program. To talk...
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Glycemic Index – Updated List

Glycemic Index – Updated List Back in December I posted an article about the Glycemic Index and its effect on your blood chemistry and weight loss so I decided to provide everyone with a more thorough list of various food items, many of which you already have in your pantry. What exactly is the Glycemic Index? The Glycemic Index was a project conceived in 1979 by Dr. David Jenkins, together with Dr. Thomas...
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Protein 101

Protein 101 In order to build strong muscles, protein becomes indispensable. Although protein is found in various amounts in virtually everything, there are certain foods that are better at providing you more significant quantities. Eating all your protein from beef, chicken, turkey and fish is sometimes difficult in terms of preparation, calories and budget, which explains the boom of the...
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Lose Even More Weight – Meal R...

Lose Even More Weight – Meal Replacement Options So you’ve bought your DVDs, looked at the nutritional guide and are still baffled about all the changes you need to make in your lifestyle, especially on your eating habits. Let’s be honest, losing weight is not easy. Beachbody puts out excellent workouts but a lot of people struggle with getting the right foods because they lack planning and time to prepare their meals. A...
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P90X:MC2 – Preview 2

P90X:MC2 – Preview 2 More updates from Steve Edwards on the upcoming P90X:MC2!! One of my favorite things to do is structure a training program and watch it work. I guess this comes from my coaching days, where you lay out a big picture template for the program you’re in charge of and then try and motivate your players to buy into your scheme. It’s a different challenge from training an...
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P90X:MC2 – Preview 1

P90X:MC2 – Preview 1 There is so much buzz surrounding P90X:MC2, I can’t stop thinking about it. Between that, Insanity Asylum and the new One on Ones which I am preparing a detailed review to post later this month, there is enough excitment and variety to keep me busy for a very long time. As far as I know, there are supposed to be around 14 videos on the new P90X:MC2 and I’ve been trying...
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Is Fitness a Priority in Your Life?

Is Fitness a Priority in Your Life? If fitness isn’t in your “to do” list you should start rethinking your priorities. Let’s be honest, we all have busy schedules, we all have a million things going on and yet, many of us manage to succeed at changing our bodies. How is that possible? Whenever I saw some super fit actor I used to say: “well, that’s all they do so no wonder he looks like that”. Have you...
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How Fitness Changed Tony Horton̵...

How Fitness Changed Tony Horton’s Life This is a cool article from Tony’s blog. Highly inspirational, written by the man himself. Enjoy! “I’m learning that when you decide to eat right and exercise regularly, the person you become will have it pretty easy, and life will no longer seem quite as hard. Until I got really fit, I used to have so many problems. Everything seemed difficult and daunting. There was...
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